Zirconia Blue Abrasive Belt 12 x 533 (Pack Of 10)

Zirconia Blue Abrasive Belt 12 x 533 (Pack Of 10)

The special 2829 siaron y series is ideal for unalloyed steels and non-ferrous metals in stationary belt sanding applications and in applications involving the use of powerfile sanders. It ensures an excellent finish without sacrificing such advantages as high stock removal rates, high edge stability or tear resistance.



  • Active additives with a cooling effect greatly reduce discolouration
  • Backing with very high stability and rigidity
  • Suitable for general use in dry and wet sanding applications



  • Weld preparation
  • Removing discolouration
  • Sanding down
  • Surface finishing
  • Deburring
  • Smoothing and blending of flaws



  • Unalloyed / low-alloy steel
  • Non-ferrous metal

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